VRPETERS is a multi-functional vehicle rollover prevention, education, training and emergency reporting system developed for motorized vehicles.  VRPETERS uses a mathematical model to assess the stability of a motorized vehicle during its operation.  The model uses the physical parameters of the vehicle and the data from the inbuilt sensors of a mobile electronic device (smartphone, tablet computer) or from the wireless sensors installed on the vehicle.  The system displays warning messages to the operator if the vehicle becomes unstable.  VRPETERS can detect collisions, side and rear overturns, and rollovers due to centrifugal forces while turning curves.  In case of an accident, VRPETERS transmits emergency notifications to predefined contacts automatically.  Initial testing of VRPETERS on iPhone and iPad mini versions has been completed in laboratory conditions.  All of the functions and the reliability of VRPETERS on farm tractors are currently being tested with field upset tests.  Upon completion of the field tests, VRPETERS will be available for farm tractors on mobile electronic devices running iOS and Android operating systems.

VRPETERS can save lives by:

  • changing the human behavior as a training tool.
  • providing warning messages to the operator to prevent an accident.
  • reducing the deployment time of rescue teams.
  • providing the GPS coordinates, the date and time of an accident.
  • providing vital operator information (optional).

VRPETERS has been developed by Dr. Ali Bulent Koc and Bo Liu at the University of Missouri.  

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